About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Sebastien Arbogast, and I’m a futurologist.

avatarI’ve always dreamt of saying that. But I used to be a hobbyist futurologist for a long time. Learning about new trends, integrating everything together, understanding influences and social reactions to innovation in order to try and anticipate in which direction things are going. Not just for the sake of saying “I told you so”, but also to try and help people and businesses to focus their efforts and investments on innovations that really matter. Because explorers and settlers are not the same people. I am an explorer. My goal is to discover new lands and draw the maps for people to know where they go.

The way I draw these maps is by creating content on this blog, give talks in conferences and companies, and of course coach individuals and businesses about innovation strategies. So if you are interested in working with me on YOUR custom map for YOUR future, or if you want me to talk in your event, feel free to contact me.